Editor’s note: In the latest post from the ExitEvent-WRALTechWire news partnership, ExitEvent Editor Laura Baverman talks with StepLeader CEO Brian Handly about where he is taking the company next.

RALEIGH, N.C. – When the first chief operating officer took the helm at local news app pioneer StepLeader Digital last week, CEO Brian Handly couldn’t hide his excitement.

Besides that Steve Carnevale has 27 years of financial and operating experience, including leading Geomagic through acquisition last year, his appointment frees Handly up to find markets for the innovative technologies the 23-person Raleigh-based StepLeader team have developed in the years before and since it spun out of Capitol Broadcasting Corp.’s New Media Group. (Capitol is ExitEvent’s parent company.)

In coming weeks, Handly, his employees and a hired mobile consultant, will consider a handful of new business opportunities based on software created in-house to make its own operation run efficiently.

Whichever they choose could represent the next generation of StepLeader and a best bet at catapulting its growth, Handly says. And that could mean additional venture capital, new job creation, and, hopefully, returns to investors.

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