RALEIGH, N.C. – How bad do you want Google Fiber in the Triangle?

Maybe there’s a way for you to show your excitement.

Everest Live is producing #FIBEREDUP the Movie. Watch trailer here.

Moviemakers at Everest Live are collaboratively producing this hyperlocal documentary in support of high-speed Google Fiber coming to the Triangle. The premiere of the movie will be May 1, which was selected to coincide with the deadline for formal responses to Google from the seven cities of the Triangle.

Production on the film began March 5, shortly after Google’s announcement that the seven cities in the Triangle were included as cities that may receive Google Fiber in 2015.

Executive Producer Arik Abel is the founder of Everest Live, a maker of custom iPhone, Android and GoPro accessories and web applications for the production of broadcast or cinema-quality media from mobile devices.

He says if you can imagine a very near future where neighborhoods become more technologically advanced than many businesses, government offices or academic institutions – the economic development possibilities become incredibly compelling – and that this would be a huge win for the Triangle.

“#FIBEREDUP is a way for engaged citizens to demonstrate the demand that Google wants to see when they make their selection,” he said in an interview with WRAL Tech Wire.

The government and a handful of private organizations are taking care of the official response to Google, and the #FIBEREDUP team is working closely with a group of city officials and private organizations to provide important information to citizens interested in it. Currently, 15 volunteers are coordinating the production and using notable public spaces, local businesses, arts organizations and events as settings. A handful of online influencers, entrepreneurs, journalists, government officials and local artists, musicians and comedians will be featured in the film.

The #FIBEREDUP team is using a suite of Google products: Drive, Maps, Images, Analytics, Calendars, Groups, Google+ Events, Hangouts on Air, YouTube Playlists and Live Events, Chrome web apps, Chromebooks and Android devices as well as their custom smartphone and GoPro accessories to produce the film.

“I hope this will be something that our community can be proud to have created together, using the tools and talent we have at hand today,” said Abel. “I hope it will inspire larger media markets like Hollywood, New York or Paris to pay attention to the Triangle and our unique place in the world of the arts, media and technology.

“And,” he closed, “I hope Sergey Brin and Larry Page come to the premiere.”

Everest Live is a resident of the American Underground, a Google Tech Hub, and was founded in December.