The prices for LED light bulbs from Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) are going down as much as 23 percent. The Durham company also is rolling out an equivalent of a 100-watt standard bulb for under $20.

The news comes after Cree reaffirmed its commitment to a partnership with exclusive retail partner Home Depot.

Based on prices cited at a website promoting Cree bulbs at Home Depot, the price of a 60-watt equivalent bulb package was cut 21 percent to $62.82. The package includes six bulbs.

A package of six 40-watt equivalents was reduced 22 percent to $77.82.

The new 100-watt bulb retails for $19.97, which Cree says makes it the least expensive LED bulb available.

“This time last year, we reshaped a 100-year-old lighting industry with the introduction of the Cree LED Bulb. The success of this product has exceeded our expectations, but it is time to push LED lighting to the next level and give consumers even more reasons to switch to LED,” said Chuck Swoboda, Cree’s chairman and CEO, in announcing the new bulb. “Today we are also addressing the last major product gap for LED bulbs–the 100-watt replacement. Our industry leading innovation has delivered the first true 100-watt LED bulb with the look and performance of a traditional bulb, but at a fraction of the energy consumption.”

Cree says enough of its bulbs have been sold to save buyers more than $1 billion in lifetime energy savings.

After a Wall Street analyst reported that Home Depot was giving prime shelf space to a Cree rival (Phillips), a Cree executive told The Triangle Business Journal on Tuesday that the company would continue its “positive” relationship.

“Cree’s relationship with The Home Depot is very positive,” Mike Watson, vice president of product strategy, told The Business Journal. “In the past year, not only has the Cree LED Bulb become the top selling bulb at The Home Depot, it has become the best selling bulb in America. We’re excited by the continued growth in adoption and will continue to innovate and do what it takes to drive LED adoption further.”