Editor’s note: WRALTechWire and ExitEvent are partnering to bring more startup news to our readers across both websites. Today, ExitEvent Editor Laura baverman reports from the CED’s Life Science conference where four startups made lasting impressions.

RALEIGH, N.C. - A cheaper and faster way to detect breast cancer, a drug that eliminates or improves diabetes and a method of modifying genes in crops to someday remove allergens from foods.

Read these ideas one more time and you’ll realize the life-changing potential of some of the innovation in life science happening in this region and around the state.

One of our goals at ExitEvent is to cover a broader section of the entrepreneurial community—from software developers to textile manufacturers to craft breweries to drug developers—with the only caveat being that they have high-growth potential and national or international-in-scale plans.

The CED Life Science Conference last week gave me the perfect opportunity to dive into some of the region’s best opportunities in life sciences. It can be difficult to attend events like this—the presenters are talking to a highly scientific audience, not a bunch of entrepreneurs in different industry sectors (or a reporter without a PhD).

But these founders have a lot in common with those in less-scientific industries. They’re trying to disrupt multi-billion dollar industries. They’re inventing products that have to be tested, proven and sold. They’re recruiting teams capable of executing their vision.

And, they need to sell investors on a lot of promises. 

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