More news is developing in the growing relationship between startup PurThread Technologies and Kodak.

The Durham-based company will work with the photo and chemical giant to develop antimicrobial technology for use on hard and soft surfaces as part of a joint development agreement. They are targeting military and healthcare markets.

For the first time, the companies also disclosed some more information about what the Kodak technology PurThread has licensed includes. 

Kodak developed proprietary silver-based antimicrobial technology, and PurThread has an exclusive agreement to use that technology. PurThreat embeds the EPA-approved Kodak agent into synthentic fibers which are then spun into yarn and woven into fabrics.

The Kodak agent is a version of a silver salt.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Last November, just after raising $7 million in new financing, PurThread disclosed for the first time its collaboration with Eastman Kodak. It disclosed that the technology it developed incorporates an antimicrobial agent into textiles and clothing, thus fighting infections and odors is based on Kodak technology

The new deal is designed to help the companies expand use of infection-fighting products by combining Kodak’s nanoparticle and dispersion technologies with PurThread’s capabilities in textile manufacturing and product formulation.

PurThread is already selling a variety of antimicrobial clothing, privacy curtains, fitness apparel and linens. 

“This JDA builds on our promising collaboration with PurThread to embed Kodak’s technology into fabrics,” said Tom McHugh, general manager of the Materials Technology & Business Development at Kodak’s Digital Printing & Enterprise segment. “The demand for antimicrobial surfaces is only going to grow in response to infection prevention efforts around the globe.”

For example, privacy curtains developed by PurThread for use in hospitals have been found to resist contamination seven times longer than standard curtains. 

“PurThread products made with Kodak’s EPA-registered antimicrobial agent have performed exceptionally well in protecting fabrics from contamination, and we believe surface applications can be developed with the same high quality and effectiveness,” said Lisa Grimes, CEO of PurThread Technologies. “Healthcare, military and top-tier consumer product companies are searching for powerful antimicrobial surface solutions for their patients, customers and our service-members. We look forward to working with Kodak to develop them.”