Hey, kids and parents: Lulu wants you.

The Raleigh-based self-publishing firm is expanding its product portfolio with Lulu Jr., which will focus on children’s books, wall art and book-making kits.

The kits are designed to enable children to create art, words and photos on canvas.

“With the products now offered by Lulu Jr., children can create and share their imaginative stories while honing in their communication skills,” said Ginny Gomez, chief marketing officer at Lulu, in announcing Lulu Jr. on Wednesday.

“Writing and publishing a book is an accomplishment for anyone, especially a young writer as they build their confidence as a story-teller and author. With Lulu Jr., we help children unlock their inner creator and realize their potential as an author and artist.”

Gomez also noted that Lulu’s publishing lineup already includes “nearly 100,000” books targeting children.

Lulu will roll out its brand at the 111th annual American International Toy Fair in New York between Feb. 16.-19.

Products include book-making kits Lulu now offers exclusively:

  • Illustory
  • My Comic Book

More information can be found online at Lulujr.com.

Lulu launched in 2002, and nearly 2 million titles of various genre have been produced by authors and artists across some 225 countries.