Yes, southeast entrepreneurs looking for venture capital and investors looking for opportunities to invest in the region, there will be a Southeast Venture Conference this year.

It’s just going to be later than usual, the co-founder of the event says.

“We’ve pushed SEVC back to later in the year in Atlanta this year,” Eric Gregg of TechMedia tells WRALTechWire.

The event will take place in late April, but some details are still being worked out. The event will be TechMedia’s eighth such conference.

Normally, SEVC -which is one of the region’s biggest and best VC events, takes place in March.

“[W}e’re about to announce that formally here and will be pushing hard on marketing as we get ready to push the button on the new site,” Gregg says.

“We were a bit behind in the announcement as we had an initial venue challenge so had to move to a different venue.”

That’s not all for TriangleTech Media. The company is expanding its geographical reach – in big ways and with more events. It has put on an annual Internet Summit in the fall in Raleigh and regional technology conferences.

“More events than ever for 2014,” Gregg said, “as we’re adding Phoenix and Denver to the front part of the year and continuing with all current markets.”

As one would assume, TechMedia – which is based in the Triangle – is a busy place.

“We’ve been crazy busy and trying to hire a new marketing person so wearing more hats than we’d like at the moment,” Gregg said.

The list of events for 2014 reflects the “crazy busy:”

  • March 31-April 1: DigitalSummit in Phoenix
  • April: SEVC in Atlanta
  • June: DigitalSummit in Denver
  • October: DigitalEast, details to be announced
  • November: InternetSummit in Raleigh
  • December: Digital Summit in Dallas

WRALTechWire had been trying to reach Gregg, given that no date or site had yet been announced for SEVC.

The conference brings in nationally known speakers, always draws a big crowd, and attracts a lot of investors from across the country – especially Washington D.C. as well as the Valley.

Given how starved the southeast for investment capital, SEVC is important in not only matching startups with deal-makers but generating a good deal of publicity.

SEVC took place last year in Charlotte for the first time.