For all of you receiving 3D televisions, cameras and toys from your personal Santa, a Triangle company is bringing applications and tools to help you enjoy as well as create more 3D content.

Research Triangle Park-based 3DMedia has released its 3D Ecosystem, which holds smartphone and smart TV apps and PC tools that for creating and sharing personal 3D content. The ecosystem includes:

  • Trimago, a smartphone app that allows users to capture and create their own 3D photos by pressing a single button.
  • 3D Gallery, is the cornerstone of all 3DMedia’s products and services, allows users to easily upload, download, and share their 3D photos.
  • 3D Gallery Connect, smart TV app that connects to the 3D Gallery and allows users to access their personal 3D photos as well as professionally created 3D content.
  • 3D Composer PRO, an advanced 3D editing tool with 3D object editing capabilities to compensate for movement between photos and edit 3D models.
  • ViewFusion, a patented technology that can be licensed to consumer electronics manufacturers to create 3D-enabled smartphones and cameras capable of capturing 3D photos and video.

3DMedia was founded in 2009 by company President and CEO Tassos Markas. Before starting the company, Markas was managing director of multimedia products at Insilica where he was responsible for the development of integrated circuits, software, and systems for emerging multimedia markets.

The biggest obstacle to consumer adoption of 3D technologies is the ability to create 3D content, says 3DMedia. The company was formed to address that problem by developing technologies that allow people to create, view, edit, and share 3D content.

“We believe we have created the most compelling reason for consumers to engage with 3D,” Markas said in a statement. “All our products and services are seamlessly integrated to facilitate delivering great content to users.”