Big news just keeps developing at PurThread Technologies.

Just a few days after announcing the raising of $7 million in new financing, PurThread on Thursday disclosed for the first time its collaboration with Eastman Kodak Company.

In what could turn out to be a true Kodak memory moment for the firm, the Durham-based company says the technology it developed that incorporates an antimicrobial agent into textiles and clothing, thus fighting infections and odors is absed on Kodak technology

Lisa Grimes, who joined PurThread earlier this year as its chief executive officer, says Kodak is at the root of its work.

“[A]ll current PurThread yarn and products use Kodak’s EPA-approved antimicrobial agent,” Grimes told WRALTechWire.

But she had to keep a secret – until Thursday.

“This collaboration has been ongoing for several months, and now we are able to speak about it publicly,” she explained.

However, Grimes won’t disclose any details about how the companies are working together, financially or otherwise.

“Unfortunately, terms of our agreement prohibit us from disclosing details of the collaboration arrangement,” she said.

PurThread and Kodak did acknowledge that PurThread has a “globally exclusive agreement” to “embed” the Kodak agent.

The companies said the agent was developed based on Kodak’s expertise in dealing with production of photosensitive materials.

“We are extremely pleased with the efficacy of Kodak’s antimicrobial agent and their stewardship in the development of our textile technology,” Grimes said in the announcement.

“With Kodak’s superior technology, our products have delivered consistently high marks for effectiveness in protecting fabrics from odor-causing organisms. We look forward to continuing research into how our textile products can play a part in comprehensive infection control strategies.”

Tom McHugh, general manager for Materials Technology & Business Development in Kodak’s digital and enterprise business unit, said the area of antimicrobial technology is “an exciting new venture for Kodak. Because of PurThread’s unique manufacturing process and expertise in the textile industry, we are delighted to be working with them to bring to market products using our propriety materials and technology. We look forward to building on this relationship with PurThread.”

The Durham company has already established a presence in hospitals with linens, curtains and scrubs made with the company’s proprietary textile technology. With the new financing, PurThread can now take aim at applications for the military and first responders.