A prostate cancer test developed by Metabolon now has partner for commercialization.

The test, Prostarix, will be marketed by New York company Bostwick Laboratories, giving Metabolon access to one of the largest urology networks in the country. No financial terms were disclosed to the agreement, which was announced Wednesday.

Bostwick is a full-service laboratory whose specialties include diagnosing urological cancers such as prostate cancer. Metabolon, based in Research Triangle Park, has developed proprietary technology that finds and identifies biomarkers, the chemical signatures in a biological sample that can be indicative of disease.

Metabolon’s Prostarix diagnostic is a non-invasive urine test that the company developed to stratify a patient’s prostate cancer risk. Prostarix finds biochemical markers in the urine including sarcosine, a biomarker that research has linked to prostate cancer.

Metabolon reported that its clinical trials of the test found that identifying and quantifying sarcosine in a sample made it possible to see the patients likely to have a positive biopsy for prostate cancer and those less likely to have the cancer. The company said the results were better than those that test for prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, a protein whose elevated levels are associated with prostate cancer. PSA tests have come into question because the tests can yield false positive or false negative results, leading some men to pursue unnecessary biopsies.

Metabolon said Prostarix will be used to determine which men are candidates for a prostate biopsy. It will also be used for making repeat biopsy decisions for men who have previously had negative biopsies.

“The launch of the Prostarix test is a key milestone in our cancer diagnostics development program,” Metabolon President and CEO John Ryals said in a statement. “We are delighted to have this test being marketed by Bostwick Laboratories, a leader in uropathology with a proven track record in successfully commercializing new products and technologies.”