Argos Therapeutics was unable to execute an IPO in 2012, but the Durham-based company continues to be successful in raising financing.

Argos landed investors from Russia and Korea as it looks to bring its personalized cancer immunotherapy to market.

Intersouth Partners and Aurora Funds of Durham also participated in the round, according to FierceBiotech.

Argos currently is testing the cancer therapy in Phase III clinical trial. Known as AGS-003, it is being tested at numerous cancer centers in the United States and Canada. In June, Argos said sites would be added in Europe and Israel.

According to FireBiotech, Russia-based Pharmastandard International led the financing with a $30 million commitment. In exchange, it received drug rights in Russia.

Green Cross Corporation in South Korea also participated and gain rights to the treatment in that country.

Just a year ago, Argos raised nearly $16 million,

The new funding came just before Argos announced it had received two U.S. patents, allowance for another and one patent in Europe for its “fully personalized immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease.”

Argos also raised $25 million shortly after withdrawing its IPO plans in April 2012.

The company has an experimental lupus treatment that has shown promise in early stage clinical trials.