Financial information and software company Ipreo is spending August putting the finishing touches on its new offices in downtown Raleigh and when the company official opens its new space around Labor Day weekend, the expects employ close to 100 people in the Bank of America building on Fayetteville Street.

Kevin Marcus, president and chief operating officer of the New York company, said that 50 people are already working for Ipreo in temporary space on the eighth floor. Ipreo’s ninth floor offices are expected to eventually grow to 250 total employees.

“It’s meant to be a mirror image of what we have in New York,” Marcus said.

Ipreo’s Raleigh office won’t match the New York headquarters in headcount; the home office employs about 400. But Marcus says that in function and offerings, the Raleigh location work in tandem with the home office handling much of the same work that is handled in New York.

Ipreo’s announcement of the new Raleigh office came in April. The state offered a Job Development Investment Grant as an incentive; in exchange for tax breaks that could be worth up to $3.8 million, Ipreo pledges to invest $3 million in the new Raleigh operation and hire 250 people by the end of 2017.

Ipreo currently employs more than 650 people. Besides its New York headquarters Ipreo also has offices in London; Hong Kong; Cape Town, South Africa and Tokyo. A Maryland office that employed about 80 has been closed; some of those workers have relocated to Raleigh. Ipreo is a portfolio of private equity firm KKR, which acquired the company in 2011.

Wall Street meets Silicon Valley’

Marcus describes Ipreo as the place “where Wall Street meets Silicon Valley.” The company provides information to the investment banking community, as well as to the investor relations departments of companies. Ipreo provides that information through its Software-as-a-Service offering, which is available by an annual or bi-annual subscription.

Some of the financial information that Ipreo provides is similar to what investors can find on a Bloomberg terminal. But Marcus says that more than just providing information, Ipreo distinguishes itself with its technology. The company’s software delivers information in a way that fits into a client’s work flow. For example, if a client is looking at an initial public stock offering, Ipreo’s software can provide a list of the investors most interested. The software is also available on mobile devices and Marcus says mobile expertise is part of Ipreo’s attraction to the Triangle.

“We are making a big push toward mobile and we know there’s a big, experienced talent base to draw from,” he said.

Ipreo is hiring people who have experience in software development and user experience design as well as workers in customer service, sales and data collection. Marcus said that the Raleigh office and the New York office will collaborate on projects. Some Raleigh staffers will report to leaders in New York while some workers in New York will report to leaders in Raleigh. The Raleigh office will be led by O’Hara Macken, executive vice president and managing director, global product applications. Macken has already relocated to the Triangle.

Marcus said that Ipreo’s growth has been driven in part by banks moving away from their own internal systems in favor of third party offerings. As banks look to cut costs, they’re outsourcing some of the work that they used to do. The surging financial markets also helps Ipreo’s sales, Marcus said. It’s been a good year for initial public stock offerings and investors are looking for tools to give them financial information. Besides the software offering, Ipreo also offers advisory services to companies.