Health IT companyAxial Exchange is near its latest fundraising goal of $5.5 million.

As of July 25, the privately held, venture capital backed firm had raised $4.999 million from six investors, according to an SEC filing.

The new funding is all equity and includes just over $1 million which will go to executive officers of the company.

Securities filings in May showed that the Raleigh company has raised just over $1 million in the latest effort, a mix of debt, options, warrants and rights to acquire other securities. Four investors participated in what was listed as a $2 million round.

Axial has developed software that enables hospitals and other health care facilities communicate in real time. For example, doctors can see lab results on an Internet-enabled device as soon as the results are ready. The company is also rolling out on online index that ranks hospitals on how well they engage patients in their care. The first state ranked in Axial’s Patient Engagement Index was Florida. The company unveiled its online index for Texas last week. The company expects to roll out indices for other states in coming months.

Axial’s financial backers include Canaan Partners and IDEA Fund Partners. The company was founded by CEO Joanne Rohde, a former executive of Raleigh open source software company Red Hat (NYSE:RHT).