Update: 7/11/13: According to NewME, due to an interest in accommodating a lot of currently out of town students from the local universities, Google and NewMe have decided to postpone until November 9th.

The NewME Accelerator is the next big thing to come to the Triangle this fall (was this summer). NewME (Short for New Media Entrepreneurship) is a residential tech startup accelerator sponsored by some names you might be familiar with (Google, Andreessen HoroWitz, Tagged), and their focus is to target underserved and minority groups generally not seen in leadership roles in startups and entrepreneurship, including African-Americans, Latinos, and Women.

NewME has hit the road and is running PopUp versions of the NewME Accelerator throughout the country. These PopUps are happening in 12 startup-centric cities to find under-served members of the startup world. If you attend, NewME’s team will run you through the gauntlet of startup related advice, including: 1-on-1 Sessions, The Art of Pitching, Perfect Pitch Decks etc… just some of the things on the schedule.

Guest Speakers include both local and national faces including Peter Shanley of global product innovation company Neo and Dave Neal of local startup accelerator Triangle Startup Factory.

What you Need to Know to Attend

Where: Classroom of the American Underground (Strickland Building Basement)

When: Sept/Oct (was July 23rd,24th, and 25th.)

Price: 99$ per startup, 49$ if a Student (UseDURHAMEDU on Checkout)

CNN documented the NewME journey in 2011 as a part of their series InAmerica. This video offers another glimpse into the program.

John Austin of GroundWorks Labs mentioned that the NewME Popup is “One other piece of the entrepreneurial ecosystem around the Triangle.” 

Events like this one can give entrepreneurs a chance to get advice, polish their ideas, and obtain an outlet to set themselves up for success.

Another benefit of attending the NewME PopUp event is the ability to directly demo and pitch to NewME team for a spot at their accelerator in Mountain View, California.The Mountain View program itself is held twice a year and is extremely immersive. Eight startups are chosen per cycle, which is held twice a year.

Chosen startups spend 12 weeks learning and living their businesses and making their companies a reality. The program concludes with traditional pitches to Angels, VCs, and various members of the startup community.

You can get more information and sign up here