The post at ShopBot Tool’s Facebook page understates a phenomenal weekend for the Durham “smart tools” firm:

“We are SO thrilled at the momentum that has grown for our Kickstarter supporting development of the Handibot power tool!

“A big thank you to those who’ve already jumped in to participate.”

If they are thrilled about more than momentum, then how do they feel about the cash?

Within 96 hours of launching what was envisioned as a more-than-30 day campaign, ShopBot backers pledged money in bundles.

The 17-year-old Durham firm turned to KickStarter in hopes of raising $125,000 to fund its new “smart power tool” for making 3D cuts called the Handibot. By Sunday night the company exceeded its goal by more than $16,000.

In all, 129 backers pledged $141,739 for the Handibot for which they will receive a variety of goods, services and training based on the level of commitment.

Notes the Kickstarter page for the Handibot: “This project will be funded on Wednesday, July 31 at 7 p.m. (EDT).”

ShopBot promised delivery of the new tools in September if the Kickstarter goal was met.

The biggest backer pledged $5,000. For that the buyer will become a member of the “HandiBot Inner Circle,” which includes:

“A Handibot tool and the whole Handibot experience. Includes a Windows tablet computer (see specs) pre-loaded with software and 2 days at the Shopbot headquarters in Durham NC for a special training on Handibot, tour of the Handibot manufacturing facility, and meeting and dinner with the Handibot developers. We will show you how to get the most out of your Handibot and how to contribute to the community by way of developing apps, add-ons, and accessories. Cost of travel is not included.”

Six others signed on for $3,000 packages.

However, the most popular was a $2,700 package that went to 22 people.

Another 15 signed on for a $2,400 package.

All 10 of the $1,995 packages were the first to sell out.

So what is the HandiBot? Think a 3D printer that cuts wood – and a lot of other things – to specific requirements. (Read what we wrote Friday about the company and its hot new product.)

You can read about the Handibot kickstarter campaign online.