Broadband for America (BfA) has launched Faces of Innovation.

The new website went live last week and highlights innovators and entrepreneurs across the country who are powering today’s growing Internet economy – from cutting-edge developers and app creators, to artists, farmers, educators and more. They will share their stories about how high-speed broadband is helping revolutionize their respective industries.

“The proliferation of easily accessible, high-speed connections has enabled what will be seen as a golden era of entrepreneurship and innovation in America,” said BfA Co-Chair and former U.S. Senator John Sununu.

“Today, people across the country are transforming and disrupting outdated business models with new applications, websites and online services,” he continued. “Faces of Innovation will recognize these visionary leaders that are powering the Internet economy.”

BfA is a growing coalition of more than 300 members ranging from independent consumer advocacy groups, to content and application providers, to the companies which build and maintain the Internet. View the member list.

“Even during challenging economic times, entrepreneurship and innovation – enabled by the proliferation of broadband – led to the creation of millions of jobs that helped many families weather the difficult economy,” said former U.S. Congressman Harold Ford Jr., the other co-chair for BfA.

“Encouraged by the government’s light-touch regulatory approach, the private sector has invested more than $1.2 trillion in Internet infrastructure since 1996,” he continued. “These investments have transformed the Internet … into the indispensable tool that empowers each of these innovators today.”

The Faces of Innovation project will identify, publicize, and promote the work of the people and companies that are transforming modern day life and business thanks to broadband Internet. In the coming weeks and months, Faces of Innovation also plans to launch a video series.

There are 21 currently featured on the Faces of Innovation website.