A different version of Merz Pharma’s toe fungus drug has received Food and Drug Administration approval.

A topical gel formulation of Naftin was approved to tinea pedis. Better known as athlete’s foot, the toe fungus is the most common chronic fungal infection in the world.

Merz Pharma is a German pharmaceutical company that operates its North American headquarters in Greensboro. Naftin now joins Merz’s porftolio of antifungal products. A cream version of Naftin is already approved to treat tinea pedis among other fungal infections. Like the cream version, the Naftin gel is intended to be applied topically to the affected area topically once a day for two weeks.

Naftin Gel was studied in two U.S. clinical trials involving 1,715 patients. Merz said that the studies showed statistically significant cure rates when compared to a placebo. Merz also said that Naftin showed in the trials activity against a broad spectrum of skin fungi as well as showing clinically significant anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Patients in clinical trials also showed continued improvement for up to four weeks after treatment ended.

Naftin works by killing Trichophyton rurum, the organism that causes most fungal infections. The most likely adverse reactions were application skin reactions.