An investigational diabetes test developed by Metabolon now has more evidence that it’s an earlier and more accurate test for identifying those at risk for type 2 diabetes.

The Research Triangle Park company announced results from two large studies evaluating its diabetes test Quantose. Quantose was evaluated in 3,841 study participants.

According to test results, Quantose reflects insulin resistance and detects progression to prediabetes and diabetes earlier than traditional glycemic measures, such as the hemoglobin A1C test. Metabolon said that Quantose is particularly useful in identifying prediabetic patients at greatest risk of the disease who would benefit from drugs or some other intervention.

But also important, Metabolon notes, is that the test gives additional validation of metabolomics – the basis for Metabolon’s tests. Metabolon’s technology measures metabolites, which are the products of the body’s metabolism. The company has developed the technology for applications in medical diagnostics and nutrition.

“These studies are clear affirmation of Quantose value to predict early those individuals at risk for eventual onset of type 2 diabetes which may provide clinicians the opportunity for treatment interventions that may reverse the prediabetic state,” Metabolon Senior Vice President of Diagnostics Eric Button said in a statement.

Quantose is Metabolon’s first medical diagnostic test. The company is also developing its technology for diagnosing other conditions, such as cancer.