The daily average number of information technology jobs across North Carolina increased for the fourth consecutive month in May. However, openings remain well below those of a year ago. Plus, with the arrival of summer hiring may taper off. And if you are a software developer looking for work … well, the news isn’t good at all. Meanwhile, one area that is up in demand reflects the times: “Offshore team coordination.”

While advertised jobs increased by 8.1 percent from April to 4,280, that total is well under the 5,080 openings in May of 2012.

It’s also under the May 2011 total of 4,390.

That’s the new data contained in the monthly North Carolina IT Jobs Report from the North Carolina Technology Association and its data partners SkillProof and Select Group.

“May was the fourth month in a row of solid expansion indicating that employers remain optimistic for this year,” the report says. “With the arrival of June we expect the current growth trend to level off as the nearing summer typically brings less change.”

The report does note one positive trend: More hiring of part-timers, which could indicate more full-time jobs to come.

“CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. recently listed the Top 20 Cities for Temporary Job Growth. Raleigh-Cary, NC was the top metro area on the list, with Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill, NC-SC as number 13 on the list. Why does temp growth
matter? Temp hiring is usually a forerunner to future full-time hiring,” notes Select Group.

As you can see in the data that follows from SkillProof, a talent management firm, demand is up for some skill sets but way down for others – especially software development, which is down by more than 50 percent.

IT openings by category, with 2012 total in parentheses:

  • IT Management 960 (1040)
  • Systems Eng./Support 930 (1220)
  • IT Architects/Consultants 790 (730)
  • Software Development 580 (1180)
  • IT Sales and Marketing 270 (250)
  • Hardware Engineering 270 (180)
  • Business/Process Design 200 (210)
  • Systems Administration 120 (150)
  • Training/Tech Writing 60 (80)
  • Misc.IT Job Categories 110 (50)

As for specific skills, the picture is similar. Note that while demand for Java, Windows and even Linux workers is way down the number of openings for “offshore team coordination” is up. Now isn’t that a testament to the times?

Top 15 Needed Skills:

  • Java 570 (840)
  • SQL 520 (900)
  • C++/VC++ 460 (760)
  • Business Analysis 440 (670)
  • Windows OS 390 (880)
  • Oracle DBMS 380 (640)
  • Linux 350 (760)
  • Large system tech. 350 (590)
  • Unix 310 (810)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 260 (530)
  • Perl 260 (500)
  • PMP Certification 240 (210)
  • Offshore team coordination 220 (180)
  • Web Services 210 (330)
  • ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) 200 (290)

 [Note: Links to IT Job Trends report for the last year are included with this story.]