What are the secrets to making a successful pitch to an investor?

They vary, depending on who’s asked, which investor is asked, and in many cases what the company is pitching.

But there are some essential basics to be followed. 

So the folks at InvestorPitches in Austin, Texas ,have come up with an infographic- the Anatonmy of a Winning Pitch” – that they says includes the essentials for making a “winning pitch.”

The key to success is having a good story to tell.

“In our experience as storytellers, we have learned that winning investor pitches combine storytelling, conversation and selling — all in 12 slides or less,” said InvestorPitches.com and Sol Marketing President Deb Gabor. “Many startup pitches suffer from too much detail, complex and irrelevant financial models or a too-long demo. We work with entrepreneurs to present just the information they need to move investors to action.” 

The graphic can be seen in greater detail at: http://visual.ly/anatomy-winning-pitch