The world’s future food supply is getting a boost from Syngenta’s Advanced Crop Lab.

Built around 30 climate-controlled “environments” contained in all-glass greenhouses, a new 136,000 square foot facility that had been under construction for nearly two years was unveiled at Syngenta’s RTP Innovation Center on Thursday.

It cost $72 million.

Syngenta added 15 new jobs to help man the facility where because of the separate greenhouses crops and radically different environments can be tested right next to each other. 

“Our new Advanced Crop Lab allows us to bring together components of all research where we can create environments for multiple crops from multiple regions — simultaneously,” said Michiel van Lookeren Campagne, head of biotechnology for Syngenta. “Individual controls of temperature, light and carbon dioxide levels, as well as humidity control in many growth chambers, provide tailored environments that allow our talented researchers to work on specific grower challenges. In addition to innovative facilities, being in RTP, we have access to some of the greatest scientific minds to help farmers grow more from less.”