Digital technology has made it easier than ever to take and share photographs. Now a Raleigh venture aims to turn those pictures into fundraising opportunities for nonprofits and social causes.

Raleigh-based SnappforGood is launching its crowdfunding web platform today. The concept for SnappforGood is based on the popularity of sharing photographs on social media. What SnappforGood does is allow an organization to build a fundraising campaign around those photographs. These photo-based campaigns should be more accessible to more groups for less cost.

“Nonprofits are looking for new ways to create enthusiastic and loyal donors, but without the extraordinary amount of effort required to host a traditional walkathon or large scale event,” SnappforGood founder Roger Brook said in a statement.

SnappforGood’s web-based platform allows users to create a fundraiser. With the platform, users can create a campaign based on “most liked photos” or other criteria. Social media can then be used to spread the word about the fundraising campaign.

SnappforGood’s launch comes as a separate effort is underway in the General Assembly to enable North Carolina businesses to raise capital through crowdfunding. Businesses are allowed to raise money from crowdfunding under the federal Jumpstart our Business Startup Act, or JOBS Act, that was passed last year. But Securities and Exchange Commission is still working out the details.

The North Carolina effort, called the “North Carolina JOBS Act,” would let businesses get into crowdfunding while the SEC works through the federal law.