For a lot of people, marketing is their bread and butter. For others, it’s still a giant mystery. Seeing new and exciting products come out of the Triangle startup ecosystem is always a big deal, especially in a field like marketing where so many do not know where to go.

When it comes to website marketing, BoostSuite is essentially what the Adobe Marketing Cloud wishes it was. I sat down with Aaron Houghton, Co-Founder and CEO of BoostSuite, to get an update on their latest feature and the status of BoostSuite.

At its core, the BoostSuite platform is an optimization system that analyzes marketing data and generates wins by allowing small business users to perform simple tasks that take one minute or less to complete.

In Aaron’s words: “At BoostSuite we will have fulfilled our vision when every small business marketer in the world can make a meaningful improvement in their web marketing results on their own, in just five minutes when they are “waiting at a bus stop, sitting on a couch, or working out at a gym.”

BoostSuite constantly monitors web market data — who is coming in, where they came from, what they are doing, and how they navigate through your site. The platform collects all of this data from various sources and finds opportunities and patterns in the data using their proprietary rule engine/pattern recognition system.

The resulting patterns are opportunities that are the output of this analysis. They translate to suggestions for tasks or actions users can take, and then are put in their suggestion stream.

BoostSuite’s brilliance is in that it does everything automatically from a single interface. Users only need to learn how to use one system and one system only. Their suggestion stream uses self-healing content tests to serve statistically significant options.

This is where BoostSuite’s latest feature, Headline Opportunities comes in. The average website visitor spends less than eight seconds before they make a decision. They often make their decision based on what they see first: The headline.

Headline Opportunities gives users a simple exercise: Optimize your page’s headlines to drive higher conversions. Once users write different headlines to drive traffic, BoostSuite instantly goes live and begins serving these headlines at random and tracks the results.

Once a headline has been served, BoostSuite constantly monitors the test so that if trends or visitors change, or people start wanting something different, it automatically switches to randomly serving the test. Headline Optimizer lowers the bounce rate by capturing people that would normally skip through instant engagement to encourage more time spent on the page.

From a technical perspective, the platform looks for how people get to conversion points and looks backwards. By analyzing how people reach these points it finds what the drop off points are along the way.

Once the problem is found, it triggers a headline suggestion on the bottleneck page of the drop off point. This automated solution solves a lot of tedious thinking and configuring analytics systems. It does it for you simply, from one interface you know and use daily.

Since we last spoke with Aaron in February, the site has grown another 1000 users and climbing daily. Some of this growth is definitely attributed to this new feature.

The next few months will be just as busy for Aaron and his team. They are working to re-tool the entire suggestion stream to make it even easier to optimize your marketing, as well as rolling out new features and suggestions.