Does medicine leave a bad taste in your mouth? Contract drug manufacturer Metrics Inc. has a solution.

The Greenville-based company now has a proprietary technology that masks the taste of tablets. Called “Cleantaste,” the technology enables a polymer coating of individual drug crystals to produce fine, non-gritty particles sized 25 micrometers to 125 micrometers.

Metrics said this technology can improve the taste and mouth-feel of drugs and can be used to support stability or deliver sustained release characteristics. The technology is intended to help improve patient compliance with their drug regimen.

“We want to help patients comply with prescription regimens by improving the palatability of medications and making them easier to swallow,” Dr. Brad Gold, vice president of pharmaceutical development said in a statement. “Cleantaste technology allows us to do that.”

Metrics was acquired by Australian company Mayne Pharma last year for $120 million. The company continues to operate in Greenville as a Mayne subsidiary.