Editor’s note: WRALTechWire reached out to Harvey Schmitt, chief executive officer of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, to get his reaction to the recently announced “Vision 2030” plan for the state’s economic future as outlined by the North Carolina Chamber.

RALEIGH, N.C. - Historically North Carolina’s business community has been an active participant in moving the economy of our state from one of the poorest in the south to one of the most promising.

Business has been an important part of our state culture of collaboration and partnership with government and education.

So it is very exciting to see the NC Chamber offer a vision for North Carolina in 2030.

They brought together leaders from many key industries including pharmaceuticals, information technology, finance, energy, construction, telecommunications, real estate, health, services and manufacturing to fashion an economic vision for our state that has:

1. Long term focus where policy trumps politics
2. A single agenda aimed squarely at job creation
3. Clear metrics, transparency and accountability

As an economic development professional I want and expect the North Carolina Chamber to be focused on job creation and this plan is.

I am favorably impressed with the four strategic pillars they have identified to drive success.

For me personally, Education and Talent are the competitive currency in today’s global marketplace and that is the first pillar in the Chamber’s vision.

The plan also gives attention to innovation and entrepreneurship which is how many new jobs are created. And the final pillars are tried and true, having a good business climate and investing in infrastructure.

So the foundation is solid.

The true test of this plan will be the level of support it receives. The state’s business community is being asked to invest in the vision to make it happen and I believe they will.

The Chamber needs to lead because absent their strong leadership, the future of the state will be thrown to the latest political wind rather than a well thought out business plan.