Whether or not you’re at the spectacular Southeast Venture Conference today, if you happen to be in Charlotte and happen to be a working entrepreneur, drop your plans for the 5:30 window and head over to Packard Place (map), a short three-block walk from the Ritz Carlton (site of SEVC).

You can get a lot of information about the Social by reading the anecdotes and the feedback on the Social page itself.

But I value your time, so here’s a quick five reasons, maybe not the most important, maybe not the sexiest, but five good reasons for you to come over to Packard Place at 5:30.

1. You’ll Meet Someone You Didn’t Know

I have no idea how many people will be there. I’ve seen indications that there’s a lot of word-of-mouth going around. It’s more than likely that you’ll get a chance to talk to someone from somewhere else. Now, personally, I always think that no one will show up (usually I’m off by about 100-200), so it could just be you and me. But you probably haven’t met me, as this is our first time in Charlotte.

2. You’ve Got Questions, You’ve Got Answers

If you’ve got issues, problems, and hassles, you’ve probably also got solutions, strategies, and tricks. Come and trade those with others who may have been through or might be going through the same things you are. One of the entrepreneurs who attended the last Social in Raleigh wrote this great piece in WRAL TechWire that points out that very aspect as one of the reasons she shows up. Full Disclosure: We liked that article so much, we asked her to write for us.

3. It’s Completely Informal

When was the last time you went to something like this and said to yourself, “I want to go, but there won’t be any boring speeches or demo tables or stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with starting and running a company”? It’s on you. If you come to socialize and blow off steam, no problem. If you come to get some questions potentially answered, no problem. If you come with fliers, I will take your fliers and hand you a beer.

4. Beer

The free kind. And it’s from Hillsborough’s own Mystery Brewing Company, started by a former techie who raised $50K via Kickstarter and $50K privately based on how awesome his beer is. One of the selections we have, Queen Anne’s Revenge, is my favorite. The beer will go quickly, you’ve been warned.

5. Put Faces to Names

ExitEvent is not about the Social, it’s part of the greater whole. We’ve got over 1000 members, about 700 are entrepreneurs, from about 500 startups. You’ll find most (but not all), in the Network.

Now, I know. I’m kind of an idiot for putting the word “Event” in something that has a monthly event, and expecting people to not focus on the event, but I had the right intentions when I chose that name. An exit event is actually the thing that happens as you transition from one startup to your next startup, and for most of us, that’s what drives us — not the money, or the lifestyle, or the cool factor. We do this because we want to build a company and make it succeed.

Then we want to build another one.

If that sounds like you, well then I’ll see you at 5:30. All you have to do is get verified (like, hopefully before 2:00, so I can make sure we have time to verify you), or flash your SEVC badge, or come prepared to tell us what you do so we can get you into the network later.