If U.S. farmers make progress in rooting out a big pest from their corn fields, the roots of the success story can be traded to Research Triangle Park.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved a new product from crop science firm Syngenta that targets the what the company calls “the single most destructive pest” in corn production – rootworm.

And scientists based in RTP, where Syngenta maintains a major operation, developed the product called Agrisure Duracade.

“This is a huge new product for Syngenta,” said Syngenta spokesperson Steven Goldsmith. “Corn rootworm costs U.S. farmers more than $1 billion a year, so having a new trait that helps control that pest is going to be hugely important. This trait was discovered and developed by scientists in RTP.”

The company announced the USDA clearance on Thursday.

According to the company, the product will set a “new standard in corn rootworm control.”

“This is a real landmark for Syngenta in terms of how we can better equip corn growers to regain control of their crops,” said David Morgan, president of Syngenta Seeds and Syngenta’s North America region director. “Deregulation means that a new standard in corn rootworm control is now available. Additionally, Agrisure Duracade will be stacked with other traits to offer more effective management of a broad range of pests and help keep trait technologies durable for years to come.”

Hybrid seeds containing Agrisure Duracade will be available for the 2014 planting season, the company says.