Molecular diagnostics company GeneCentric Diagnostics, which has developed personalized medicine tests for lung cancer, is raising $2 million to launch one of its tests, build a lab and hire key staff.

The Durham company is led by former LabCorp executive Dr. Myla Lai-Goldman based on technology originally developed at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer center at UNC’s School of Medicine. Lai-Goldman, speaking during CED’s 2013 Life Science Conference, said that the company’s technology is being developed into new diagnostics to help doctors determine which cancer drugs would work best for particular patients.

GeneCentric has two platform technologies. The Lung Subtype Platform, or LSP, categorizes lung cancer patients and helps doctors determine which treatments are best for their cancer. Burlington laboratory testing and diagnostics company LabCorp has licensed and developed the first application of the LSP technology. It is now available through LabCorp’s Integrated Genetics division as HistoPlus Lung Cancer.

GeneCentric’s second platform technology is Hypoxia Signature, which could identify patients that respond to anti-angiogenesis therapies. This technology could be developed into a companion diagnostic for anti-angiogenesis drugs such as Avastin.