North Carolina is seriously stepping up its tech game.

Adam Hill and I chatted about the exciting new 2013 class that was just announced a this week. We covered RevTech’s last class in June of 2012 and it’s great to see the energy and momentum continuing into the new year.

Revtech’s intent is to target the early stage tech startup, and provide mentorship and connections to help foster their growth and development. The 10 companies in this class have both a proven business model AND decent traction in the Queen City and surrounding scene.

Let’s meet the new class.

Womadz offers a platform for crowdsourced marketing videos, where users submit self-created commercials centered around contests. The Womadz community filters through and picks the best videos, and those that come out on top win cash prizes. ExitEvent discovered Womadz back in January.

Shomo Live is a social media platform for anyone interested in playing, booking, or listening to live music. It works to connect musicians, fans, and interested venues to interact with one another, focusing on providing a platform for smaller-time artists — a couple hundred or couple thousand fans. The goal is to get their music heard and get them gigs. Here’s an intro video.

eCampus operates Roomsurf, a social network that helps students find compatible roommates.
It allows students to look up potential roommates with all of their details and their direct contact information. They are already in 100+ universities throughout the nation. They have a video as well.

Campus Carriers provides a solution for university students to make the campus moving process easy and economical. They target students and renters who need help moving in and out of living arrangements, move belongings into temporary storage for short term breaks between housing, and then move it right back into the next living space like clockwork.

Reward Summit is a mobile and web-based platform that helps customers pick the right reward program. They work with credit card vendors to push incentives to customers as they are shopping to maximize their rewards on cards they already have.

Plateshare is a smartphone application that allows diners to round their restaurant bills up to the nearest dollar and donate the change to feed the hungry. A not for profit program, they want to become part of the transaction, thereby making it easy for individuals to round up bills and put the cash towards something worthy.

Alcohoot is the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer.

MyLearningID uses facial, voice recognition and additional digital signatures, to maintain academic integrity of distance education programs.

Podanize is a website and mobile app that provides moms with a way to stay organized with their kids’ ongoing group activities.

InspireInYou matches self-help and religious and non-religious inspiration with user preferences.