RTI International will formally dedicate its Research Operations Center on Thursday.

While the facility is not new, it has been updated and expanded to absorb recently hired workers and to consolidate other operations into one place.

“The research operations center is located where we have had our call center, from which we conduct telephone surveys as well as telephone-based recruiting of hospitals, schools, and other businesses to participate in our research projects,” RTI spokesperson Lisa Bistreich-Wolfe told WRAL Tech Wire.

“We’ve expanded the space to now include support functions previously headquartered in Regent Place.

“This includes our field technical support group, our data preparation team, our scanning and data entry functions, and our mapping unit that supports field-based counting and listing. The placement of all these service groups under one roof opens up lots of new possibilities in terms of increased collaboration, more efficiency, and ultimately better service for our clients.”

The Raleigh office currently employs 450 “data collection specialists” and 40 supervisors.

Additional people continue to be hired, Bistreich-Wolfe said.

RTI contracted with Greene Resources last June to fill some 400 jobs.

RTI says its research business is growing rapidly with more than 50 ongoing projects.

RTI Chief Executive Officer Wayne Holden and Raleigh City Councilman John Odom are scheduled to speak at the event, which begins at 1:30 p.m.

The center is located at One North Commerce Center, 5265 Capital Boulevard, Raleigh.