Lenovo, coming off a record quarter of more than $9 billion in revenue, is getting some respect at the Hong Kong stock exchange where its shares are traded.

On Wednesday, the world’s No. 2 PC manufacturer learned that it would be added to the benchmark Hang Seng Index as of March 4.

The index is limited to 50 companies, and Bloomberg reports that index has jumped nearly 10 percent in value since Nov. 16.

Lenovo trades under the symbol HKSE: 992. (Lenovo’s Investor Relations page provides data daily.)

Its shares are up in trading today more than 4.7 percent to $8.43 in Hong Kong dollars, or HKD.

In U.S. dollars, the shares trade at $1.09.

Lenovo shares also can be bought Over the Counter or so-called Pink Sheets. (By the way, MarketWatch tracks Lenovo shares.)

Today’s price surge has Lenovo moving toward its 52-week high of $8.72 in HKD.

Its low is $5.25 in HKD.

On the index, Lenovo replaced Aluminum Corp. of China, that country’s biggest producer, according to Bloomberg.