A power car lover before, now he’s ready for some people power.

Comedian Jerry Seinfield is a Porsche collector, but during a visit to Durham on Saturday night he tries out Organic Transit’s electric powered ELF car.

He gives it a thumbs up.

Seinfield saw the ELF car before performing at the DPAC.

“Like lots of people, when Jerry saw what we were doing he was overcome with curiosity,” says Organic CEO Rob Cotter. “He was in town for a show at DPAC but when I saw him, he was with a couple of friends just staring at our storefront on East Chapel Hill St.

“I can say without qualification, he loved it. Jerry is a Porsche collector and said our prototypes reminded him of the earliest generation of Porsches from the ‘40s. As a biking enthusiast, sports car aficionado and someone concerned for the environment, he was very excited and was amazed at all we accomplished in the past 10 months.

“We’re very happy to consider Jerry Seinfeld a friend and fan of Organic Transit.”

Maybe Jerry can convince Seinfield co-stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander to give a shout-out as well?

They do cost quite a bit less than a Porsche ($4,000) but don’t pack quite the horsepower.

You can, however, get an ELF with a solar panel for power. Say good-bye to fossil fuels, Jerry?

BTW, two ELF cars are soon going to acquired for use at the nearby American Tobacco campus.

Here’s more about the ELF from Organic Transit: 

“The ELF is designed with the busy commuter in mind. The ride height puts you in sight of other drivers while the body is still slim enough to navigate bike trails. There is plenty of room to stash your laptop case and pick up several bags of groceries on the way home. Recharge the removable battery pack by parking your ELF in the sun or by plugging it in to a standard outlet. Upgrade to a more powerful solar panel to stay off grid or add a NuVinci 360 hub to ease your ride. Additional upgrades and features will be available.”

Standard Features:

  • Lithum battery pack
  • 30w solar panels
  • PWM controller
  • 750 watt permanent neodymium magnet motors
  • Three speed transmission
  • 26″ wheels front & rear w/20mm through axles
  • LED headlights, tail lights, and signals
  • Side mirrors
  • Disc brakes
  • Adjustable seat
  • 350+ lb payload
  • Base price: $4,000

(The Skinny gives a shout-out to Billy Warden for sending us the news – and photo.)