SciQuest (Nasdaq: SQI) keeps adding institutions of learning as customers.

The University of Wisconsin at Madison is the latest university to contract with Cary-based SciQuest for procurement services.

Campus officials want to expand the number of vendors from which it can make purchases and achieve more savings.

“Adding vendors to our existing purchasing system is a time-consuming and inefficient process. With SciQuest, we can streamline this process, while providing our faculty and employees with an easy-to-use shopping experience that increases overall engagement as well as contract compliance,” said Mike Hardiman, director of procurement at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “SciQuest enables us to direct more spending through the University’s purchasing platform. By capturing more in-depth data on spending, we can also negotiate more strategic contracts, achieve greater savings and gain greater visibility into the entire source-to-settle process.”

The institution wants to increase its vendor count to 40 from seven on its existing procurement platform.

Late last year, SciQuest added universities in Tennessee and Montana to its growing global customer network.