Scott Albert of Aurora Funds in Durham reflects the views of many venture capitalists entering 2013.

The business is contracting.

Yet many funds will be able to raise more dollars.

“Fewer firms with more money,” Albert is quoted as saying in a new survey out Wednesday.

The venture capital industry continues to change, with fewer firms doing business in 2013 yet fund raising to remain stable or increase in some cases, concludes the report put together by the National Venture Capital Association and Dow Jones Venture Source.

Comments from VCs cited in the survey:

  • “2013 should see a sustained good IPO environment rather than the starts and stops of recent years. All the ingredients are in place.” - J. Sanford (Sandy) Miller, Institutional Venture Partners
  • “Ed-Tech, Cybersecurity and the business of health care will be trending VC investment areas in 2013.” - John Backus, New Atlantic Ventures
  • “Venture capital will continue to be dominated by a few firms with several new ones being formed. Small and private firms will do start-ups.” - Pitch Johnson, Asset Management Company
  • “Institutional venture capital is no longer a viable funding source for early stage life sciences company – corporate VC will fill the void.” - Brenda Gavin, Quaker Partners
  • “MOBILE FIRST becomes prevalent developer strategy for business and consumer apps as tablets replace PC/TV as the first screen.”- Scale Venture Partners
  • “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” - Christine Herron, Intel Capital
  • “The B2B tech private company valuation bubble will grow and then pop in October.” - Scott Maxwell, OpenView Venture Partners
  • “2013 will see major material innovations get funding, as well as biological diagnostics.” - Bart Stuck, Signal Lake
  • “Amidst slightly positive economic trends, Venture will remain stable, but somewhat flat for the year. 2014 will be the breakout year.” - David Lincoln, Element Partners
  • “Broader economy and public markets will negatively surprise, which is never good for venture.” - Chris Meldrum, Gold Pine Ventures
  • “Severe contraction in incubators and ‘accelerators’.” - David Titus, Windward Ventures
  • “Corporate venture groups will continue to grow — and they will actively collaborate and syndicate deals with seed stage VC firms.” - Jack Crawford Jr., Velocity Venture Capital Predictions from Venture Capitalists
  • “The chasm between early stage and later stage continues to grow… killing the engine of entrepreneurship.” - John Glanville, Athenaeum Capital Partners LLC
  • “2013 will be a great year to invest in early stage companies.” - Jon Soberg, Blumberg Capital
  • “More creative fund structuring.” - Ken Woody, Innova Memphis
  • “Fly to quality” - Michele Gardelli, Itaventures IKE
  • “Fewer Funds, drawback on back office resources, partnership agreements favoring GP due to tax restraints, good time to invest.” - Peter Patterson, Patterson VC Man Co
  • “Fewer funds available for start-ups; Less funding for innovation-based businesses; Higher ROI required by investors.” - Richard Upton, UPTONGROUP
  • “Strong decline of large cleantech funds. Diversified funds pull out of cleantech.” - Robert Fenwick-Smith, Aravaipa Ventures
  • “Fewer firms with more money.” - Scott Albert, The Aurora Funds
  • “I believe some focus will shift to the venture capital since it is more likely to create real value.” - Sebastian Lethansen, Commonwealth Holding
  • “The # of VC funds will continue to decline, and there will be fewer but better quality startups being backed.” - Todd Jaquez-Fissori, Hercules Growth Capital
  • “IPOs will increase by 50% from 2012.” - William Quigley, Clearstone Venture Partners