Two of the world’s top-10 medical diagnostics companies, measured by 2012 sales to date, have significant North Carolina facilities.

BD Diagnostics, which has a facility in Burlington, is the seventh-largest diagnostics company, with year-to-date sales of $2.53 billion, according to a recent article in FiercePharmaManufacturing online newsletter.

One of the publication’s reporters, Mark Hollmer, wrote that Fierce asked data-gathering company EvaluateMedTech to compile the list of the top 10.

The 10th largest, BioMerieux, which has a factory in Durham, made the cut with $1.59 billion in sales so far this year.

Roche led the list, at $7.42 billion in sales.

Others, in descending order, include:

  • Siemens, $5.15 billion
  • Danaher, $4.37 billion
  • Abbott, at $4.3 billion
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, at $2.9 billion
  • Johnson & Johnson, $2.12 billion
  • Alere, at $2.1 billion
  • Sysmex, at $1.78 billion

Thermo Fisher has hundreds of employees in North Carolina, many working at a manufacturing facility in Asheville, but so far the North Carolina workforce is not producing diagnostics.

(C) NC Biotech Center