Dex One (NYSE: DEXO) and Texas-based SuperMedia (Nasdaq: SPMD) appear to be moving ahead toward finalizing their merger.

The yellow pages and Internet advertising firms said Thursday that they had reached an agreement with a “steering committee” of lenders to both firms about how to proceed with the merger.

In October, Dex One and SuperMedia said they were considering a bankruptcy plan that would allow the deal to proceed.

Under the agreement announced Thursday, the series of “credit agreement amendments:”

  • “Uphold the basic economic terms and strategic merits of the merger as initially announced;
  • “Preserve the interests of all investors without any dilution; and
  • “Extend the maturity dates of the companies’ senior secured debt up to 26 months until Dec. 31, 2016.
  • “Following the initial announcement of the proposed merger in August 2012, the lender steering committee was formed to evaluate the proposed amendments to the companies’ respective credit agreements. The existing senior credit agreements for both companies require 100 percent approval from the senior lenders for the amendments, and the companies are working with the steering committee to obtain the requisite approval from the remaining senior lenders.”

The steering committee vote was unanimous to support the amendments, the companies said.

The merger is now expected to close in the first half of 2013. The deal had been expected to close Nov. 30.

As the deal stands now, Dex One’s headquarters would be moved to Texas, where SuperMedia is based. The merger was announced in August.

Among those who will lose a job is Alfred Mockett, the CEO of Dex One. He will step down once the merger is complete. Peter McDonald, the CEO of SuperMedia, will be the top executive of the combined company, which will continue the Dex One name. Alan Schultz, the Dex One board chair, will direct the combined company of some 5,800 employees.

After the deal closes, Dex One shareholders will own some 60 percent of the venture.

Dex One and SuperMedia both filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

SuperMedia was spun out of Verizon in 2006.