Metabolon has secured a renewal of its agreement to provide biochemical profiling technology to global agribusiness Syngenta.

Financial terms of the multi-year agreement were not disclosed.

Metabolon focuses on biomarker discovery technology.

Syngenta utilizes Metabolon technology as part of its research into the biochemistry of plants.

“Metabolon brings us key information that helps facilitate decision-making in R&D for developing new products,” said Michiel van Lookeren Campagne, head of biotechnology at Syngenta. “As Syngenta works to bring new technology to the market for our customers, these insights are increasingly important.”

Metabolon recently was awarded its 19th overall patent, the latest involving data analysis. The company has now received six technology-specific awards.

Metabolon’s technology is based on metabolomics, the analysis of biochemicals such as sugars, nucleotides, fatty acids, amino acids and other small molecules. The biochemicals are analyzed in patient samples before being compared to other profiles.
Metabolon believes the data can be used for development of diagnostic tests as well as drug development and in monitoring for clinical trials.