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Update from Wednesday late-day events:

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There are tax cuts for angel investors – says Rep Deborah Ross during “Govnt roles w/startups” at #TEW2012

Happy to have @Citrix & @AmericanAir as our presenting sponsors. Thx for speaking abt your marketing experience @Danlondon w/@Sharefile.

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local govn’t talking over here at Cherokee conference room about helping small biz. Awesome panel!! Check out the tweet.s
15h J. King White ‏@JKingWhite

  • @maryannbaldwin @CaseyDCC at #TEW2012:

Ral & Dur could/should partner on pilot immigration reforms that can help Triangle startup ecosystem

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Durham is 2nd largest user of Immigration Visas in the country – Govnt panel at #TEW2012 RT @GaryDubbYa

“We need to up our game here!” #TEW2012 #music #entertainment let’s be part of the curve, or better, ahead of the curve!

We need to continue the dialogue about the community, resources, laws & regulations, & how to work together 

We need a TV show about all the wonderful music and the venues we have here in our area; more live streaming 
Promote yourself based on what you’re capable of!

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Seek out partnerships w/those who are bigger than you! #tew2012 #entertainment #music


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Great to have teens in the session who are breaking into the Music & Entertainment industry. Let’s help them reach their goal! 

“It’s important to have a conversation with govn’t” – says from WalkRaleigh & @WalkYourCity 

Understand your product, your brand; know when to let your work speak for itself; learn about your connections & their assets 

Matt of @CityFabric tells story of putting up WalkRaleigh & @WalkYourCity signs. Got govnt attention (local & national) 

Put yourself out there, market & promote your work, and get others to notice what you’re doing #NETWORK #TEW2012

Show up early at the event, talk to person who’s putting the event on, and make sure they know you! #TEW2012 #music #entertainment

@BassAsana face-to-face connections are the most powerful, brands & projects; event mrkt & digital mrkt support each other 

Here’s Wednesday early afternoon update:

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Self-promotion and personal-marketing for those in the music & entertainment industry tips coming up! 

Venue owners are looking for DJs who visit the place, know the staff, know the people and want to be part of that community @Mosiac 

DJs need to develop relationships with venues that are likeminded and fit the type of event the DJ is looking to produce 

Is it a problem that we’re so focused on supporting local? Is that putting us behind? or hurting business? #TEW2012 #Music #Entertainment

Talking legal points about promoters and producers of music & entertainment 

The Triangle has lots of best kept secrets but needs more “sameness” of music happening naturally 

  • 20m Gary Williams ‏@GaryDubbYa

@bonnergaylord government leadership is a yawn!! #tew2012

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Govt session off to great start @TriangleEW #TEW2012: “fail fast fail fwd is not natural for govt, we can be more ITERATIVE. #alignment
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Have to understand that social media is how to communicate w/entrepreneurs -@CaseyDCC

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At @calavera for #tew2012 Music/Entertainment session. #Raleigh market growing, so is supply.
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In the last 5 years that has been a shift in the video production opportunities in the Triangle – more web videos 

Communication is one of the keys to government helping the startup community says @maryannbaldwin #TEW2012 RT @GaryDubbYa

We need to bridge the gap between Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill so more people can go to different shows across the Triangle 

Good news: there’s more demand for Music & Entertainment in the Triangle – lots of people who are experience oriented in our area 

“The govn’t prints a lot of things..and it’s ok ’cause we include the prisoners.” –quote from govn’t panel during

Knowing venues and their social presence – understand the audience of the venue & know what they’re expecting when they show up 

Going viral before you’re successful vs being successful before going viral – answer: develop personal relationships #wordofmouth 

Rock star panel at #TEW2012 ‘Govt role w/startups’: @DerrickMinor, NC legislator Deborah Ross, @BonnerGaylord @maryannbaldwin @CaseyDCC

“There are opportunities to specialize within this industry to focus on sound engineering, promotion, photography, etc” – Know your skills!

Asking heavy hitters in local government, “what are 3 failures surrounding Entrepreneurship by government? 

“There’s a fine line between entertainment, music, event planning & event marketing” – @BassAsana #TEW2012

  • 1h Gary Williams ‏@GaryDubbYa

@triangleEW event starting up. Lots of celebrities here (@ Cherokee Building w/ 4 others)

  • 1h Kristen Thornburg ‏@KrisThornburg

I enjoyed the Women In Business conversation at @TriangleEW today, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s convo on business sustainability.

“Work w/ people who are good & put out a quality product & in the worst case you’ll have 25 people admiring your work” 

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“Work-life balance is a lie.When I’m at work, I’m at work.And when I’m home, I’m home” -Stephanie from @sladedevgroup

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Keith Ward talks about turning his hobby into a consistent paying gigs by offering his music services to lounges & bars in the area 

Generating revenue in an industry w/ rapid technological changes — “find out if people like what you produce; can you do better?” 

Turning a hobby into a business in the entertainment & music industry, how do you do it? 

Using the music industry to build communities, create events, and lasting experiences – Keith Ward 

@BassAsana just kicked off “Music & Entertainment Entrepreneurship” session @Calavera; first off, inspiration to join the industry