Raleigh-based Lulu, which provides self-publishing services around the world, has made layoffs at its headquarters and other locations.

The company is owned by Red Hat co-founder Bob Young.

Nine positions were cut in Raleigh and an undisclosed number of positions will be affected at other operations, Lulu said.

More positions could be cut as well due to a reorganization, but some of the people who might lose jobs could find other positions within the firm.

Lulu confirmed the layoffs in a statement issued to WRAL News by Chief Operating Officer Tom Bright early Tuesday.

“Based on extensive customer research, Lulu – a ten year pioneer in open publishing – is refining its strategy and platform focus,” Bright said in a statement that was revised from one originally issued earlier in the day.

“Beyond open publishing, Lulu’s broader mission is to help people tell their stories and share their experiences. In support of this expanded direction, Lulu is restructuring staff at its headquarters in Raleigh and at offices around the globe.

“On Nov. 5, our restructuring led to the departure of nine staff members at our Raleigh headquarters. From here, our restructuring will mean eliminating or changing the focus of more positions still under review as certain projects wind down through the first quarter of 2013.”

Bright then noted that affected employees can seek newly created positions.

“This does not necessarily mean departures,” he explained.

“We will create new roles for which existing team members can apply as well as make new hires in exciting growth areas beginning in Q1.

“Lulu’s total talent count has been around 120, with most of the staff in our Raleigh headquarters. We anticipate that after restructuring and the new opportunities it opens up, our talent count at the close of 2013 will be at similar levels.”

Bright also pointed out that the company doesn’t believe the changes will affect its services and support.

“The changes will not compromise customer service – which has always been and will remain a strong point for Lulu – but will allow the company to focus more efficiently on its core strengths and expanded strategies,” he explained.

“Our changes will strengthen Lulu’s ability to serve customers eager to tell stories and share experiences digitally and in print through words and pictures.”

In 2010, Lulu withdrew plans for an initial public offering of stock through Canadian markets.

The company moved to a renovated building on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh as its headquarters from Morrisville.

In addition to English, Lulu offers services in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

The company has helped 1.1 million content “creators” produce hardcover and paperback books, eBooks, mini books, photo books, calendars, cookbooks and travel books.

Creators keep 80 percent of profits from products they sell.

Lulu says it adds some 20,000 titles per month.