Oracle Corp. co-president Mark Hurd said the volume of data around the world could multiply by 50 times before 2020, creating an opportunity for the database maker to sell to businesses that want to control the cost of analyzing information.

More than 100,000 organizations will be storing at least one petabyte of data – that’s 1,000 terabytes – eight years from now, Hurd said in an address at the company’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

During a demonstration on stage, Hurd showed how Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) software can aggregate police data with information on social media sites to improve law enforcement.

“This is a good example of merging unstructured and structured data together, doing it in real time,” Hurd told the audience. He said the analysis can be performed by “average folks — we didn’t have power analysts.”

Oracle, the largest supplier of database software, is betting that continued proliferation of digital information will keep demand healthy for its software and hardware used to store and analyze information. Oracle is releasing a new version of its database next year, and announced a new high-end server called the Exadata X3.