The videogame industry, media that cover gaming and especially fans are reacting with shock and incredulity to Cliff Bleszinki’s decision to leave Cary-based Epic Games where he became a legendary creative figure.

Some fans and media also wonder what the loss of Bleszinski will mean to Epic.

First, the fans:

  • “WE ARE DOOMED!! *Jumps out window* But seriously, thanks for some amazing games and especially the Gears of War series we are gonna miss you a lot. Good luck with you future endeavours”
  • “WHAT? First Rod now Cliff? The two people I thought cared for the game? *worries* Good luck anyway Cliff.”
  • “It was weird when Rod [Fergusson] decided to leave. Now things are kind of scary, yet hopeful at the same time. … “
  • “I honestly cannot believe this. But, congratulations Cliff and good luck to you on your future, you made great games and made a lot of people happy with your creativity that you put into your games. Thank you.”
  • “Well, goodbye Gears. And seriously, thanks for the idea of a chainsaw gun Cliff. You truly are awesome.”
  • “Can’t say I saw this one coming. Rest…or, take break in peace.”
  • “thank you so much for the Gears of War Series , it was a great ride, and good luck too you in all that you do in the Future”

Fergusson, another force at Epic, recently left to join Irrational Games.

Some headlines and story clips:

  • “Shocking: Cliff Bleszinski departs from Epic Games” – GameZone
  • “Cliff Bleszinski quits Epic Games, leaves us with an Unreal feeling.” – Engadget
  • “Epic Exit: Cliffy B. Leaves ‘Gears’ Studio.” – MTV
  • “CliffyB: Taking His Lancer [assault rifle complete with chainsaw] And Going Home.” – GamerLiving
  • “This is a surprising announcement to be sure, but it doesn’t sound like Bleszinski will be leaving Epic for another company.” – SlashGear
  • “A post that was not immediately expected. While the trilogy for the Gears of War is completed, Bleszinski says that he needs a break.” –
  • “Cliff Blezinski, who we all may know as Cliff, Cliffy B, or even the elusive King Cog, has decided to part ways with Epic Games after 20 years of dedicated service.” – TheGamersHub
  • “What Is Epic Games Without Cliff Bleszinski?” – FleshEatingZipper

By the way, The Skinny reached out to Epic for further comment, but a spokesperson said the company wouldn’t have anything more to say about Bleszinski’s departure beyond what was said in the original announcement.

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