One of the world’s better known online gambling and sports betting sites is doubling down on its bet that business analytics software from SAS will pay off with more profits.

Victor Chandler, also known as BetVictor, is expanding its use of SAS, wagering specifically that the additional services will improve retention of betters – and also make their visits longer.

Already a SAS customer, the U.K.-based firm is going to utilize SAS Grid Computing services and also is upgrading its level of commitment to SAS Marketing Solution Automation, which is part of a marketing advertising line known as SAS Campaign Management.

“We’re looking to increase the retention rates and the longevity of our customers and therefore their value,” said Ian Plumb, who is Reporting Director at Victor Chandler. “Initially, we will be targeting non-depositing and small deposit customers to increase their depositing and, subsequently, to better understand our customer segmentation through improved analytics.

“This will allow us to enhance our promotion and bonus offers by targeting customers in smaller groups with more relevant offers,” he explained. “All this can be managed through our SAS upgrade by delivering information throughout the business and building automated campaigns specific to our customers’ interests.”

Victor Chandler is betting that SAS Grid Computing will provide faster analytics capabilities.

The firm also will bring back under its own control direct mail and digital campaigns in conjunction with SAS Marketing Solution Automation. The product is designed to enable customers to plan, test and execute marketing campaigns utilizing data such as purchase and response statistics, attrition potential, credit scoring and profitability.

Customer habits and reactions are forecast at the individual level.

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