Metabolon is expanding its genomics capabilities by acquiring California-based Lipomics Technologies.

The deal closed Wednesday. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Lipomics focuses on lipids technology, which could provide opportunities for use in diagnostics and personalized medicine.

Metabolon has been awarded its 19th overall patent, the latest involving data analysis. The company has now received six technology-specific awards.

Metabolon’s technology is based on metabolomics, the analysis of biochemicals such as sugars, nucleotides, fatty acids, amino acids and other small molecules. The biochemicals are analyzed in patient samples before being compared to other profiles.
Metabolon believes the data can be used for development of diagnostic tests as well as drug development and in monitoring for clinical trials. 

Lipomics will remain based in Sacramento, Calif. Its technology is known as TrueMass profiling.

Dr. Steven Watkins, PhD., Lipomics’ founder, joins Metabolon as the company’s chief technology officer.

“By combining Metabolon and Lipomics, we have created the undisputed technology leader in the emerging field of metabolomics,” said Metabolon Chief Executive Officer John Ryals.

“We have product offerings that span from global metabolomics to complex lipid analysis to targeted analysis of many different classes of molecules,” he added. “By combining our two companies, we have more than 140 employees and 450 clients, have completed 2,000 commercial projects and have 200 scientific papers either published or under review. We are not aware of another company or institution with this record of scientific and commercial achievement in the field of metabolomics.”

Lipids are involved in energy storage, cell membranes, and serve as signaling molecules

“For the past 10 years Lipomics has taken pride in providing the best technology and science for understanding the role of lipids in human disease, principally in metabolic diseases associated with obesity and the lipid remodeling aspects of cancer,” Watkins said in a statement. “The prospect of combining our approach with Metabolon’s global platform is extremely exciting. Integrating the technologies will provide a deep and coherent understanding of biological systems and allow us to produce unparalleled services and products for years to come.”