“R Greenway” took home the top $5,000 prize from the CityCamp Raleigh event over the weekend.

The team developed a greenway mobile application that allows people to know where they are on the greenway and how to connect to other trails, according to the CityCamp blog.

“They used open data provided by Raleigh’s GeoPortal,” the blog says. “The roadmap includes integration with SeeClickFix, weather, and other useful pieces that users of the greenway might need.”

“Raleigh Retold,” which built a prototype that allows users to tell the story of the neighborhood by collecting audio, video, and other multimedia, was runnerup.

The other eight finalists as reported by CityCamp were:

  • Triangle search – An open source search engine to help find useful local information from local sources.
  • You’ve been towed – A towing alert system.
  • Priority 1 – An early stage plan to standardize, to encourage open use and access by government.
  • Community health score
  • CitySeek Raleigh – A mobile game that encourages users to explore interesting sites in Raleigh.
  • Welcome to RDU – A citizen powered site that seeks to connect people in the Triangle with events, business, and brands.
  • Augmented reality pictures – An app that would give you a window to the past; matching photographers position to see exactly would it used to look like.
  • QR code all the things – Generate QR codes for TriangleWiki pages.

CityCamp included three days of talking, workshops, panel discussions and more.

The second such program was designed to bring together private citizens, companies and goverment leaders to search for ways to make Raleigh a better place to live.

The “camp” opened on Friday afternoon with panel discussions and continued with what the organizers called the “unconference” on Saturday and Sunday where ideas were debated.