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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Media critics have generally raved about the new iPhone 4 that’s making its global debut today, but users – the most critical analysts of all – are already barking complaints.

Videos are showing up on YouTube and tech sites such as Gizmodo, complaining about reception and other problems. Critics are adding blogposts as well.

“Wow, looks like early adopters are having a hard time, what with the yellow spots and antenna issues,” wrote mjt308 at Gizmodo. “I feel sorry for everyone who’s been eagerly anticipating the iPhone 4, but I guess this is what happens when we’re on the bleeding edge of technology.”

The headline at InventorSpot: ‘Retina Display’ & ‘Reception’ Complaints Launch On iPhone 4 Launch Day”

“Did the device leave the station too soon – or are these cases an anomaly? ” wonders InventorSpot’s Ron Callari.

AT&T, the network service provider, is also taking some hits.

“I’ve been testing the iPhone 4 for more than a week. In both hardware and software, it is a major leap over its already-excellent predecessor, the iPhone 3GS,” wrote the Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossberg on Tuesday.

“It has some downsides and limitations—most important, the overwhelmed AT&T network in the U.S., which, in my tests, the new phone handled sometimes better and, unfortunately, sometimes worse than its predecessor.”

And these videos are getting thousands of viewers, so word-of-mouth attacks are well underway. That’s hardly good news for Apple and its U.S. partner AT&T who were overwhelmed by record pre-orders.

“iPhone Antenna Issue” proclaims one video.

“iPhone 4 Loses Reception” declares another.

Another demos a problem with reception when held next to a house key.

Gizmodo already has posted a whole series of videos.

“When the guy holds the iPhone in his hands, touching the outside antenna band in two places, he drops reception. Placing the phone down gets him 4 bars,” Gizmodo noted about one video.

Meanwhile, over at TechCrunch, a user in the U.K. blasted the upgraded Mac operating system as well.

“Oh my god, Apple has turned into microsoft, why oh why would they release an operating system that doesn’t even work with the technology that comes installed on the phone. What a disgrace.”

First-day and early release glitches are hardly rare, even for Apple. But both Apple and AT&T ran into problems on June 15 when they began taking orders.

If there are device and network problems — ouch!

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