The Council for Entrepreneurial Development will host its fifth annual “Opportunity” conference on Sept. 10 and 11 in Wrightsville Beach.

The CED is accepting applications from early stage and pre-seed fund stage companies from the southeast and Mid-Atlantic to make presentations to potential investors. Application deadline is July 27.

Early stage companies that are seeking either angel funding or a first round of institutional investment need to submit business plans for consideration.

Early stage presenters will have a 10-minute presentation opportunity to attending investors.

A “speed dating” event, which includes presentations lasting three minutes, is set for pre-seed startups.

The event also will feature a variety of speakers, panel discussions and what the CED calls “Curbside Consulting” sessions for entrepreneurs.

“Opportunity 2007 offers practical information and business advice for entrepreneurs, angel investors and service providers from a variety of experienced resources,” said CED President Monica Doss. “People across the region, whether garage entrepreneurs, corporate employees or students can benefit from the interaction at Opportunity.”