DURHAM, N.C. – Just because billionaire Carl Icahn has invested $50 million in Motricity, don’t think for a moment that the red-hot provider of content and services for mobile devices is still considering going public.

So said Ryan Wuerch, Motricity’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“The possibility of going public is not out of the question,” Wuerch said earlier this week when the Icahn investment was disclosed.

In fact, the addition of Icahn may strengthen Motricity’s chances of hitting the public markets on better terms.

“What this does is with an investor with the strength of a Carl Icahn, we can be extremely aggressive in the marketplace,” said Wuerch. He hastened to add that he “can’t discuss” particulars about Motricity’s strategy.

Wuerch did say that Icahn’s investment gives Motricity the resources to aggressively pursue acquisitions.

He also reiterated another point when asked why Icahn just didn’t buy the company since he ordinarily doesn’t invest in private firms and has liquid assets of several billion dollars.

“Because we weren’t selling,” Wuerch said. “We also have several very strong shareholders, such as Intel, who believe in Motricity’s future.”

In 2005, Wuerch and his management team discussed whether selling the company to interested suitors as an option. After much discussion, Motricity proceeded with a go-it-alone strategy, raising more than $60 million in venture capital in 2006 and acquiring Los Angeles-based GoldPocket Wireless. The company has continued to grow, adding high-profile customers ranging from entertainment companies such as MTV to many of the major mobile wireless service providers.

In December, Motricity also went through a reorganization that resulted in the loss of several jobs.

The Icahn news further boosted Motricity’s profile as a major player in the rapidly growing mobile content market. Wuerch estimated the market at being worth $2.7 billion currently and quickly growing toward $5 billion.

Icahn’s investment did not come without much deliberation on both sides. In fact, Wuerch said Motricity was wooed by several potential large investors.

“I met with him personally,” Wuerch said of Icahn. “We had many meetings and conversations. This has been something I have thoroughly enjoyed. He is great. He has a tremendous intellect. I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with him.”

Icahn and Wuerch met through one of Motricity’s investors. The deal gave Icahn a “single digit” ownership in Motricity, according to Wuerch, and Icahn’s son Brett will join the Motricity board.

“Motricity has an excellent management team and leading technology,” Icahn said in a statement. “They are well positioned for dominance in mobile content, a sector for which we forecast strong growth in the coming years.”