With a focus on its North Carolina roots, PBM Graphics enlisted the help of Durham-based 21 CD, Inc. for a promotional brochure on CD-ROM. PBM hopes the piece will help clients who are located out of state view the facility and understand the national printer’s heritage.

“This CD demonstrates who we are and what we do,” said Tom Arnold, business development manager at PBM. “Many of our clients are out of state. This gives them an opportunity to see our facility through a video tour to better understand our company and where we’re from.

The compact disk highlights scenery from across North Carolina set to music from the Music Maker Relief Foundation and combines with the brochure in a patented CD case to create a striking direct marketing piece.

“We are pleased to partner with PBM,” said Peter Nyberg, president of 21 CD. “This project demonstrates how traditional print collateral merges with digital advances to provide greater reach and tangible results.”