Covelight Systems, a developer of application security intelligence, recently rolled out its newest product, a web application security threat and risk management appliance.

The product name is Covelight Percept.

Covelight — the new name for XActional, which was founded in 2002, introduced the appliance at the recent Gartner Security Summit in Washington, DC.

A recent study by Gartner shows that 70 percent of enterprise attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities within applications, according to a recent report in NetworkWorldFusion.

Percept utilizes a browser-based client to analyze transactions to detect both internal and external web application violations. It utilizes a patent-pending program known as “transaction flow auditing” to analyze application traffic based on user behavior.

“Covelight Percept is the only application security threat management device developed to specifically addresses business layer offenses originating within the enterprise or extended enterprise,” the company said. “With Covelight Percept, the remediation time of application security incidents drops from days to minutes.”

Prices start at $25,000.

Covelight raised $2.5 million in its first round of venture capital financing last June. Durham-based Aurora Funds led the round, with participation from Intersouth Partners and NextPoint Partners in Washington, D.C.