James Crapo, one of the scientific co-founders of the knowledge used by Incara Pharmaceuticals, is taking over as the company’s chief executive officer.

Incara (OTCBB: ICRA) said Crapo, an MD, will take over as CEO on July 1.

Crapo worked at Duke University Medical Center for 17 years, serving as chief of pulmonary and critical care division. He has worked at National Jewish Medical and Research Center in Denver, CO as chairman of the department of medicine and executive vice president of academic affairs.

He replaces Clayton Duncan, who stepped down in May.

Just this week, Incara also announced it was speeding up its clinical trials of a potential Lou Gehrig’s disease drug at the request of the FDA.

Crapo helped create Incara’s catalytic antioxidant drug development program and has been chief science officer since the program was launched, according to the company.

“After years of pre=clinical research and development, Incara’s catalytic antioxidants are ready to be tested in clinical trials,” Crapo said in a statement. “The most important contribution I can make in the next period of my career is to help prove the effectiveness of these compounds in human clinical trials and ultimately provide new effective therapies that can control or limit human disease.”

Incara: www.incara.com